Eliteimmune acquires exclusive license to develop Pan-ebolavirus antibody

November 04,2019

Eliteimmune will continue to develop Pan-Ebolavirus antibody CA45, previously shown to fully protect non-human primates against live virus challenge.


GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND December 16, 2019--- Eliteimmune has signed a licensing agreement with Integrated Biotherapeutics, Inc for the exclusive license to develop the Pan-Ebola antibody CA45 in China. Ebolaviruses belong to the family of viruses called filoviruses, and contain multiple strains called Ebola, Sudan, Bundibugyo, Tai Forest, and Reston. The virus is spread through contact with infected bodily fluids with symptoms ranging from fever, muscle pain, and headaches to hemorrhagic fever. With a mortality rate of up to 90%, the World Health Organization declared it a public health epidemic in 2019.

The 2014 outbreak of Ebolavirus was the largest recorded in history. While current Ebola vaccines rVSV-EBOV demonstrated protection in clinical trials, the vaccine largely induces a strain-specific immune response, meaning it doesn’t protect against other Filoviruses strains.

CA45 is a Pan-Ebola monoclonal antibody isolated by single B cell sorting and described in a 2017 issue of Cell co-authored by the founders of EliteImmune. Further characterization of this antibody through protein engineering or use in combination with other antibodies as a cocktail proved to be a safe and effective therapeutic treatment for all pathogenic strains of Ebolaviruses and Marburg viruses, as reported in a 2019 issue of Nature Communications. Further development of CA45, or a second-generation antibody cocktail may offer therapeutic and prophylactic protection against a broader range of lethal Filoviruses


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