Xuelian Zhao, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO
Xuelian is the founder and chief executive officer of EliteImmune. She leads a team of self-motivated talented scientists in microbiology, immunology, and bioinformatics to leverage potent naturally occurring immune responses for the treatment and prophylaxis of deadly diseases.
As a scientist, Xuelian has over a decade of experience in therapeutic target discovery towards precision medicine for oncology. She also has a proven track record in the successful discovery of potent and broad-spectrum antibody therapeutics against various infectious diseases. Her research has been featured in top journals including Cell, Nature Communications, Oncogene, Gastroenterology, and Hepatology.

Before she started EliteImmune in 2019, Xuelian received her post-doctoral training in the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the University of Maryland-IBBR. Xuelian earned her Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Peking Union Medical College.
Fun Fact:
Xuelian likes playing Candy Crush while in deep thinking. She was on the Top 10 list of Candy Crush Saga.