Quanying Wang, M.S.

Scientist I, Cell Culture
Project Manager
Quanyin leads the cell culture and cell line development team at EliteImmune’s headquarter in China. She brings over 10 years of experience in cell culture, protein expression, and vaccine development to EliteImmune. Quanyin is responsible for the management and execution of the internal and contracted cell culture projects.

Prior to joining EliteImmune, she led the preclinical research and development of an influenza vaccine in VTI Biology Institute and a novel pneumonia vaccine in CanSino Biologics. During her graduate studies at the Key Laboratory of Avian Influenza, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, she gained expertise in virus neutralization, homologous recombination techniques, and construction of recombinant virus vaccines.
Fun Fact:
Quanying enjoys jogging and reading psychology books.